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2017 Annual Bull Sale Report


Yavenvale to $41,000
Nathan O'Sullivan

 Purchasers of Yavenvale Legend L329 Rob and Tim Hayes flank Lily and Nicki Pearce and Rodwell Euroa agent, Mick Curtis.

Large numbers of Hereford enthusiasts headed to Adelong for th...

2017 Article The Land


Herefords perform in tough conditions at Moulamein
Stephen Burns 6 Feb 2017, 4:30 a.m.

 Matt Pattison, manager Rhyola Station, Moulamein, inspecting a draft of Hereford steers running on station country in the western River...

2016 Preview for Stock & Land Beef Week


 IN November last year YavenVale Herefords received a phone call that most beef producers only dream of.
On the line was George Vardis, the owner of Sydney’s prestigious Vardis Group - a restaurant empire built on serving the best steaks in to...

2014 The Land Southern Beef Week


On display will be the 40 rising two-year-old bulls that we have for private sale in 2014. A number of these are suitable for joining to heifers and the EBVs and indexes are breed leading. Our sale bulls are polled or dehorned and sire lines inclu...

2013 Reserve Champion in Heifer Challenge


Yavenvale was awarded Reserve Champion in the 2013 RASV Heifer Challenge run during Stock & Land Beef Week. This was the second successive year Yavenvale Herefords were named as one of the 10 finalists. The competition took place over the eight days o...

2013 Annual Sale


Head to the Hills for the 14th annual Yavenvale bull sale to be held on Wednesday 20th February 2013 at 1pm. This sale features 110 bulls with breed leading EBV’s, natural thickness and doing ability. Our open day on Wednesday, 6th February will all...