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Call: 02 6946 5141


Call: 02 6946 5141


Online bidding will once again feature in the 2021 Yavenvale sale. This system allows people who are unable to attend our sale to bid from any location with internet access. Users will be able to hear the auction in real time and bid in increments of a minimum of $500. The bid will be relayed ringside in a matter of seconds. 

In 2021 prospective purchasers are also able to pre-bid before the auction. From 9AM on Monday 15th February minimum or maximum bids can be placed on any bull in the sale and this will be recognised at the auction which begins at 1PM Wednesday 17th February. This gives further flexibility to anyone considering buying a Yavenvale bull that can’t attend the sale.

To bid, prospective purchasers must first register with AuctionsPlus.